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How to Save CSPM Event/Intrusion Log

Under CSPM Event Viewer, where does all the events get saved and what program do u use to read it ? I wanted to purge the old log (it has exceeded 10,000 record) but can find any Save function provided in CSPM.

In IDS Director, I would usually do a Show alarm details for a particular Sensor and save all logs to a file. Is there a file where all this info is saved or other ways to save these alarm log info ? Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to Save CSPM Event/Intrusion Log

Appears everything is stored in (which vendor?) a database. Use cvtnrlog.exe to dump to a log file. Someone posted a Perl script to email the notifications. I modified it to run on the NT scheduler and weekly run cvtnrlog.exe and dump to a date stamped log file, then email me the results. Post an email address back, and I'll send you the Perl script.

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Re: How to Save CSPM Event/Intrusion Log


is that a similar command from Cisco for IDS Director to perform the same thing ?

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