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How to see RIP-derived routes on a PIX?

Hi, I'm running a 515 with 6.1 code. RIP v2 is working fine with MD5 authentication to an internal 2600 router. Via debug on the 2600 I can see the routes recieved (just a default from the pix) so I know communication & RIP authentication is good. The Pix, however, is a little sparse in giving up information. Using "debug rip" on the pix just says "RIP: interface inside sending v2 update to" but won't say what routes it's pushing. Also, pix debug never shows what routes are recieved. "Show route" just shows the statics. Yet the pix knows how to route so I know the info is getting there. I would just like to SEE it. Any ideas?

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Re: How to see RIP-derived routes on a PIX?

I don't know with the 6.1 version, but with the 5.x version, PIX was only able to receive default route only through RIP. About the RIP advetisement from PIX, i'm not sure if it's only limited to default route also but you must look at this to be sure.


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