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How to test PIX hub/spoke 515e/501 VPN connections?

Newbie PIX/VPN guy trying to setup lan-lan VPN connections from remote 501's to a central 515e using cable modems (UBR 9000's?) similar to Using pix622.bin & pdm-211.bin Static IP wks on the 501 trying to connect to static IP svr on the 515e. When I ping -t the svr from the remote wks (or visa versa) it times out for 40 tries, then works for 20 tries and then dies again. Cycle repeats. Is this my tunnel going up and down? I've tried the various SHOW and DEBUG cmds but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. What do I need to do to map a drive or send Outlook email from one side to the other? Do I need the VPN client on the remote PC? What should my ROUTE INSIDE statement be on the remote 501?



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Re: How to test PIX hub/spoke 515e/501 VPN connections?

If the pings are successful but then times out after a certain amount of time, the routes are probably correct. You might want to set up a debug on the Cisco router between the two endpoints so you can see what is happening to the packets (ie. encapsualtion failing, etc). For example:

host A -

host B -

access-list 199 permit ip host host

access-list 199 permit ip host host

debug ip packet 199 detail

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