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how to use telnet ???

I don't know statement of telnet not much .Can you help me ???

* I am from VietNam so speak English not weel*


Re: how to use telnet ???


Telnet uses TCP port no 23 using which you can establish the remote session onto your devices.

you can give the command telnet followed by the ip addres of the device with which you want to establish the session.

Once you are done with that you will be prompted for normal authentication process which is vital in all the devices to check/validate your session establishment with the device.

Once you are logged in then you can monitor/configure also you can reload using the commands available on those device.


New Member

Re: how to use telnet ???

Hi de thicn thien

First of all you have to enable telnet access on your PIX. This is done by using the following command.

PIX#conf t

PIX (config)# telnet inside

this will allow you to connect via telnet from any host on network.

Then you can use any telnet client to connect to it. Plese note, you cannot use telnet from outside, but you have to specify the interface.

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