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New Member

Howto Schedule IDS Reports

I am seasoned with Director, but a n00b at CSPM.

Under the Reports menu-tree, there are reports there for the Summary, Detail and System reports (html and text) with the ability to schedule all three.

No reports for the IDS?

Since I can't use the summary/detail/system reports ( don't know how, would ftp information be in a syslog output from a router? )... why are they there?

How do I schedule the IDS reports?

Just a little strange.....

New Member

Re: Howto Schedule IDS Reports

Well I'm glad to see no one else has a clue how to do this.

I really didn't want to open a TAC case.... but might just have to.

New Member

Re: Howto Schedule IDS Reports

I have been working with CISCO for sometime. Here is my understanding about CSPM. Cisco please jump in if I am wrong.

The CSPM was built on the concept of managing the PIX, Routers, VPN, etc. The management of the IDS is a add on to the CSPM. Currently there are two different version of the CSPM: IDS and PIX/VPN. Both are build on the same application but each having different devices to manage. The IDS version of the CSPM does not have all of the features that the PIX/VPN version has. The reports you mentioned are for the PIX/VPN devices but because both version of the CSPM are build on the same application the reports are still there. I have been told by CISCO that a new verison of CSPM will be able to manage IDS, PIX and VPN from the same CSPM server.

You will have to use your IE to look at the IDS reports.

Hope this is helpful.

New Member

Re: Howto Schedule IDS Reports

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately you cannot schedule the IDS reports through the web browser.

Guess we'll wait.

Cisco Employee

Re: Howto Schedule IDS Reports

IDS reports cannot be scheduled within CSPM. "On-demand" reports can be created and viewed. You can goto the web server port and accomplish this.




hope this answers some of your questions.

New Member

Re: Howto Schedule IDS Reports

I know about the On demand reports, I've been using them a lot.

I just wondered about being able to configure them within CSPM... which we can't do yet.

And also wondered how to schedule them.... which we can't do yet.

I'll just wait for future releases.

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