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HP Insight Manager to update DMZ servers good or bad?


I have several Windows 2000 servers in my DMZ. My NT admin is asking that I open up communication from his "inside" HP Insight Manager server to these DMZ Windows 2000 servers.

The ports from what I gather are these:

7 for ping

161 and 162 for SNMP

2301 (HTTP) and 2381 (SSL) to talk to web-enabled devices

280 (HTTP) and 50000 (SSL) for Insight Manager 7 itself.

80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL) to communicate with web servers of all types, including those in the Remote Insight Board and the Integrated Lights-Out product.

I'm reluctant to implement this policy because of the required snmp access.

Can I get a profssional take on this? Anyone out there doing this today?

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Re: HP Insight Manager to update DMZ servers good or bad?

Because they often may have multiple interfaces, firewalls are flexible in how you can define interface relationships. Their interfaces may be public to part of one network and private to another part of the same network or another network. Consequently, the convention is for firewalls to use outside, inside, and dmz as interface names. (Firewalls can also have user-defined interface names.) Outside is generally used in the same sense as public for VPN interfaces, and inside is generally used in the same sense as private for VPN interfaces. The designation dmz, for demilitarized zone, is often used for firewall interfaces that separate areas within a corporate network.

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