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HTTP Through VPN

Hi all:

I have configured a PIX515R as a VPN gateway. The inside interface have two Linux servers. One for AAA (Cistron Radius Server) and another for Intranet Web Server.

I used VPN Client ver 1.1 and configured extended authentication.

The Firewall successfully authenticates the Client and the tunnel is established.

Once the tunnel is established, I am able to ping from the client to the Linux servers on the inside interface. I am also able to telnet to them from the client.

But when I tried to access the web server on the inside interface from the client, I get initial message "Host Contacted, Waiting for Reply" but no data is transferred.

When I traced thro the firewall, I found that only the connection request and reply pass through the firewall and subsequent packets are blocked.

What could be the problem in my setup?

I would appreciate your immediate help in this regard.

Thank you,



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Re: HTTP Through VPN

From the VPN client, could you try to ping with large packet size, ie 1400-1500 and see if it fails?

Looks like an MTU issue. If you could reduce the mtu on the server to say 1400 or lower and see if you get any progress. To verify things, you might want to run tcpdump on the server to see if the packets are being sent but get dropped along the way to the client.

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