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HW VPN Client (3002) 3.6.7.G-k9 causes random reboots?

Has anyone else had trouble with the HW VPN Client 3002 3.6.7.G-k9 image? I just put it on two 3002's, and the devices started randomly reloading every 5 minutes or so. A downgrade to 3.6.7.F-k9 immediately fixed the problem.


Re: HW VPN Client (3002) 3.6.7.G-k9 causes random reboots?

With no cable plugged to the public interface and in the configuration of the public interface you have dhcp or pppoe, this causes the 3002 to reboot.

If this is the case, then what you need to do is, plug a cable modem or a device that assigns ip address to the public interface of the vpn 3002, it needs to sense that it's connected to something.

Another workaround is to configure the public interface as disabled or set the public interface defined as "static".

Seems the problem is when you define the public to get a dhcp address and because it can't get the

address it starts rebooting.

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Re: HW VPN Client (3002) 3.6.7.G-k9 causes random reboots?

Very interesting... We were programming our units with nothing plugged into the public interface during our setup, and they were set to DHCP.

It seems that Cisco should open a Bug ID for this and fix it, as this could cause many hours of troubleshooting....particuarly for a device that's intended for use by non-technical remote sites.

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