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I'm in serious trouble! Microsoft Proxy is failing

This is not really a Cisco post but I figure there should be someone out there that might have run into this problem.

We are running Microsofts ISA server and using it as a proxy for approximately 3000 users going out to the internet. The proxy service W3PROXY.EXE starts to increase its memory usage (when you look at Performance Monitor) and eventually ends up crashing. The Dr Watson error is #4097. The memory usage just keeps climbing and climbing until it breaks.

I can't tell anything from this. I have searched other user groups and have come up with nothing. Microsoft gave me a 'patch' that doesnt help and in fact turned off my ability to monitor the sessions that are active!. Charged me $245 for that too!

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Currently I have to restart the service every couple of hours.


Re: I'm in serious trouble! Microsoft Proxy is failing

Follow up with Microsoft. For starters, if they gave you an internal patch, the incident should be free -that is their standard policy. Clearly there is a memory leak somewhere, and if their patch didn't fix it, they will need another patch


Re: I'm in serious trouble! Microsoft Proxy is failing

I'm pretty sure Microsoft covered this with you, but ust in case...

What version of server OS are you running (NT, Win2K, 2003)?

Have you applied all of the current Service Packs and patches?

Are there any / what other services / server processes running on this server?

This sounds like a memory leak, most / all have already been delt with in service packs.



Re: I'm in serious trouble! Microsoft Proxy is failing

Hi James -

Okay Microsoft didn't give you much help eh, well that's NO surprise... and they also whacked you with a charge as well.. the cheek of it,

Anyway James, I also have 3 ISA Proxy servers doing the same job as you and about a year ago I had a problem just like yours with Dr Watson error #4097, basically this #4097 shows up when you have memory issues on the proxy, so I'd suggest that you check the memory modules, are they correct? are they sitted properly? have you got enough memory? is there a memory mis-match?

Try also to check if you have the correct service pack applied. I'm not really a big fan of MS ISA Proxy and am trying to get rid of them from my network. I control my users access to the Internet from the Cisco PIX, which I do beleive to be far better than any MS Proxy servers.

Anyway let me know if this helped -

Thanks - -

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