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i need your help for configure my pix


I have a pix Cisco 515 with three interfaces.

IP addresses are as follows:

Inside :


Outside :

The exchange server's address in local area network is:

The SMTP mail relay server’s address in DMZ is:

Outside is related to Sagem retour, which is has an address public

There is a translation of public address IP in Sagem retour for address

The commercial are connected to exchange server by 2 manners: Outlook Web Access and POP3 protocol.

which I activate the SMTP mail relay server, I can't send and receive messages of the external.

PLEASE, thank you for helping me on the configuration of the pix.

I already tried the following configuration but that didn't work (see attechement)


Re: i need your help for configure my pix


To get everything straight you will be using private addressing exclusivly on the pix. You have an external router that does the appropriate natting into your network.

You would like to have incomming mail flow to your mail relay server and then to your internal server.

You additonally have OWA and POP3 connecting to your internal exchange server.

I think you need to look at your external router to see what it is natting your pubic address to. If your purly using private address space your static statement should be

"static (DMZ,outside) netmask 0 0"

It would help if you could verify the nat on your public router.


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