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New Member

IDS 4210 config problem

I try to change the config. of the sensor by use sysconfig-sensor command.

After I use the "Communciations Infrastruction" and try to save the config. ,the sensor says :

cp: cannot create /usr/nr/etc/eventd.conf: Read-only file system

ERROR: Could not create /usr/nr/etc/eventd.conf

I have find our tutor to fix this problem, however, they also do not understand what were happening.

Who can help me to solve this problem?


Cisco Employee

Re: IDS 4210 config problem

1. Make sure that permissions.ownership of all the files in the /usr/nr/etc directory is "-rw-r----- 1 netrangr netrangr".

2. Run sysconfig-sensor as root

New Member

Re: IDS 4210 config problem

We run sysconfig-sensor as root and try to write the 777 permissions to the file, however, the system do not allow us to do that.

Moreover, it do not allow us to change the permissions of this file.

That's why all our staff feel strange!

New Member

Re: IDS 4210 config problem

Why are you trying to change the permissions to 777? Have you made other modifications to the sensor? Probably the quickest solution would be to use your 'Recovery CD' and reimage the sensor.

After you have done this, do not make any changes to the permissions on any files. Image your sensor and run 'sysconfig-sensor' as root. No other modifications are required.



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