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IDS 4215 Monitoring Problem On Cisco 2950 Switch

On my Cisco 2950 Switch I enabled SPAN to enable me to scan all internal traffic

(monitor session 1 source interface Fa0/1

monitor session 1 destination interface Fa0/2)

Fastethernet0/1 is connected to PIX E1

Fastethernet0/2 is connected to Cisco IDS Scan port

I have several Windows 2000 servers on this switch. On one of the servers I run Backup Exec which does a backup on the servers on the switch.

Everthing works great until the backup job kicks off.

At that time the switch itself fails.

When I disable SPAN the backup job & the switch itself works OK.

Any help would be greatful.


Re: IDS 4215 Monitoring Problem On Cisco 2950 Switch

I could not find any bugs describing such issue. The only thing that I can think of is that the server is pumping data too fast and overwhelming the switch. I guess, if you are able to reduce the speed at which data is handed over to the switch, SPAN and backup might work together.

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