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IDS Configuration examples.


I am new to IDS. I am experienced with Cisco security, though I have never worked with and IDS system. I was wondering if Cisco had an Example Config page like they do for the PIX firewall. I would like to see some examples on how to set it up and where to place the command and control interface and monitoring interface. Also if someone has any good white papers on the IDS that would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: IDS Configuration examples.

Take a look at the main product page for the 4200 Series Sensors:

IDS 4200 Series Products Page

White Paper on Cisco's Web Site:

Snort's web site also has some good IDS documentation as well.

Hope this helps!


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Re: IDS Configuration examples.

I second the motion. We too have new IDS 4210's. The docs are poor when it comes to explaining things.

Most things (like shunning) are inferred, not explained.

Most options in the configs are not explained nor documented - Like in Signature Configuration, what's the definitions of the 5 different EventActions? What do you specifically edit to make a Signature create a access-list block?

Heck, anybody have an example of the rule the sends a disconnect to anyone sending a email with the word "special" in the FROM address field?

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