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IDS V4 Documentation

I've been searching for days now, and even started a TAC case. I have found very little documentation, mostly consisting of the same documentation that came in the box and other very basic stuff. My TAC engineer can't seem to find anything I haven't already found. Does anyone know where I can find good, in-depth documentation? Specifically on the inner workings of the sensors.

Thanks Paul

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Re: IDS V4 Documentation


And I thought it was just me.. Doc's for this product are impossible to find. It's very frustrating. You've probably already checked here, but the best I can offer is to logon to CCO and click Products and Services, Security and VPN Software, Network Intrusion Protection. Under the Product Literature heading click Architectures. It gives a decent description of the software architecture.


Cisco Employee

Re: IDS V4 Documentation

This is the locations for the IDS documentation.

The architecture link only has the old architecture document.

The doc team is working on a 4.0/4.1 architecture document but I am not sure when it will be available.

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Re: IDS V4 Documentation

I to am having some issues finding relevant info.

I have installed a few 4210’s which were based on Solaris (Intel) and although no Unix hero, found you could check and test things using standard Solaris commands from Suns web site.

I have been caught out by the new 4215’s which are now based on Linux, with the commands changed to look like standard Cisco therefore my notes are of little use.

I to am awaiting some assistance from TAC

Cisco Employee

Re: IDS V4 Documentation

Are there specific things you knew how to do in Solaris with the standard Unix shell that you haven't figured out how to do in the new IDS CLI in version 4.0 with the Linux underlying OS?

If so then let me know what the Unix commands were, then I can tell you if there is an equivelant IDS CLI command.

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