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IDSM-2 service pack upgrades

I have two "new" IDSM-2 blades that I have installed into 2 6500's. The analysis engine one one keeps stopping. I'm not running the second one yet.It is still at Version 4.1(1)S47.

The error message on the one that is failing says to restart the system process (AnalysisEngine). I have re-booted the system to restart this process.It continues to fail. The sensing interface is not over-subscribed.

I understand that there are service packs to apply to the IDM-2's. In looking at the service packs to download I have found one , IDS-K9-sp-4.1-2-S58.rpm.pkg. But I have already brought this IDSM-2 to sig82...

What do I do?

Restore the sensor to shiping configuration which is Version 4.1(1)S47.

If so what is the process? Is there a "short cut"?

Are there any other service packs to apply?

I was told to open a TAC case because there were patches that needed to be appllied and that TAC would give me access to system patches to be downloaded and installed.



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Re: IDSM-2 service pack upgrades

Are you sure the sensor actually updated to S82? IDS-sig-4.1-3-S82.rpm.pkg will not install on a 4.1(1)S47. To be sure there was not a bug in the install, I attempted to install S82 on top of 4.1(1)S47 and it failed as expected.

Do a "sho ver" to verify the version of software running on your IDSM2.

If you are at a version prior to 4.1(3), then you should download the IDS-K9-sp-4.1-3-S61.rpm.pkg service pack update and install it. Service packs are cumulative back the last minor version, so you only need to install the latest service pack on a 4.1(X) sensor to be up to date.

Once the lastest service pack has been installed, the latest signature update can be applied.

The updates are available on CCO:

If you are still having problems, please forward the output of a "sho ver".



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Re: IDSM-2 service pack upgrades

i have reviewed my notes and determined that I have applied sp 61.... I downgraded t0 sig81. So i have that sp61 applied and working on sig81. I was under the impretion that there were patches available for the IDSm-2 from TAC.... I could be wrong. Thought this forum would know....


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