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New Member

IDSM reboot

Hi, I have an IDSM that due to the fact it occasionally stops monitoring traffic, I have to telnet to the IDSM and reboot it. After doing this today, the Cat 6509 stops passing traffic and reports that the Multilayer Switch Feature module and the 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet module are faulty. I switched to a backup while I figure out what happened. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks for any input.


Cisco Employee

Re: IDSM reboot

The issue about the IDSM stops monitoring traffic has been addressed. Please contact the TAC and reference DDTS issue CSCdw49651.

As for the MSFC and Ethernet module being reported as faulty, it may not be linked at all to the IDS Module issue.

Are you rebooting the IDSM itself, or are you rebooting the entire switch when you have this issue?

Rebooting just the IDSM should never cause this type of issue.

If all you were doing is rebooting the IDSM when this happened then that is a weird case, and may be more of a hardware/power issue than a software issue.

If it happened after a reboot of the switch then it could be an issue in the software diagnostic code.

If you reboot the entire switch do the MSFC and Ethernet module come on line or do they remain faulty? What if you remove the IDSM and reboot?

If you reboot the switch without the IDSM and the cards are still faulty then it is possibly a hardware issue.

You really need to contact the TAC on this one.

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