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New Member

Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

Hi there,

After having importet Verisign Intermediate CA onto my PIX, I've send the CSR request to Verisign and gotten a Certificate back. Now when I try to import the returned certificate on the PIX, I get an error :

Failed to parse or verify imported certificate

Now, I've tried clearing all certs, reauthenticate the CA etc.

Any ideas?

Is it a problem that the CA is Intermediate? Can the CSR attributes contain spaces?

Pix is running latest version 7

Kind regards

Kelvin Dam

New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

I have got the exact same problem, tried it on 7.2.1 and 7.2.2. Also using a Verisign certificate.

Did you find the solution already?

New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

Hi koksm,

Yeah - I got it to work. I dont know how many of these steps you have done, but heres how I did it :

RSA-keys are probably already generated (also needed for ssh-access), but if you ever need to reissue the cert, regenerate the rsa keys, otherwise the CSR will be exactly the same and not accepted by the 3rd party CA:

crypto key generate rsa

Then define the trustpoint:

crypto ca trustpoint Verisign

crl optional

enrollment terminal


Import root CA cert (make sure you have the correct one, preferably without intermediate CA (RA)):

crypto ca authenticate Verisign

---BEGIN--- or ---END--- lines do not matter>


INFO: Certificate has the following attributes:

Fingerprint: 069f6979 16669002 1b8c8ca2 c3076f3a

Do you accept this certificate? [yes/no]: yes

Trustpoint CA certificate accepted.

Generate the CSR:

crypto ca enroll Verisign

% Start certificate enrollment ..

% The subject name in the certificate will be: xxxx

% The fully-qualified domain name in the certificate will be:

% Include the device serial number in the subject name? [yes/no]: no

Display Certificate Request to terminal? [yes/no]: yes

Certificate Request follows:



---End - This line not part of the certificate request---

Redisplay enrollment request? [yes/no]: no

Notice this is generate without ---BEGIN--- and ---END--- lines which you do need to add when submitting the form to the 3rd party CA.

After succesful verification by the CA you'll be returned a certificate which you can import with or without the ---BEGIN--- and ---END---- lines, so you might as well just copy the complete text:

crypto ca import Verisign certificate

% The fully-qualified domain name in the certificate will be:

Enter the base 64 encoded certificate.

End with the word "quit" on a line by itself







INFO: Certificate successfully imported

Make sure you activitate the trustpoint either as for use on all interfaces or on a specific interface using:

ssl trust-point [interface]

One more thing - the verisign root cert, I did NOT get from their webpage, but I took the one that accompanies the Internet Explorer.

Hope it helps


New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

I guess we did the same, except...

We did use an intermediate certificate to authenticate Verisign.

Do you happen to have the root certificate?

New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

You have it yourself, in the Internet Eplorer :-)

go to Tools | Internet Options | Content | Certificates

I think its under rootcerts or intermediates...hope it helps :)

Kind regards


New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

Last question, :)

Indeed, i have it, but i have twelve!

Which one did you use?

New Member

Re: Importing Verisign Certificate on PIX7.1

Hmm, not sure - but you can contact your local Verisign support (sorted by country) and they can guide you to wich cert to use.

I think I tried the first one, and was in luck


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