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inbound tcp connection denied

For some reason when my users connect remotely using VPN to servers inside I get an error in the log like the following:

<162>Mar 14 2006 07:44:47: %ASA-2-106001: Inbound TCP connection denied from to flags RST ACK on interface inside

It doesnt actually appear to be blocking anything because they are able to connect and do everything but I dont know why this is showing up in the logs.

Any ideas? Its an ASA5510.


Re: inbound tcp connection denied

just wondering the actual ports being used are matched in the log, which are tcp 524 and tcp 1116.

also, the log suggested that the traffic is originated from and destined for this appears to be within the a single subnet.

assuming is really part of the vpn client pool, then it would be better to modify the pool, as the pool should not be overlapped with the asa inside/dmz subnet.

New Member

Re: inbound tcp connection denied

I guess I should elaborate. is a novell server internal. I also get this error when users vpn in and try to go to an internal web server it then just says port 80 denied. is one of the IP's reserved in my VPN pool.

I attached a copy of my config if anyone thinks that would be helpful.

Any help appritiated. Like I said this error doesnt appear to be stopping anyone from accessing anything but I assume I still have something configured wrong.

New Member

Re: inbound tcp connection denied

Did you resolve thiss problem? I am having the same issue on 7.2.1 code. It's frustrating.

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