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Installing and configuring NAC/CAM/CAS/COLLECTOR

Hi everybody,

I have been new to this community and I just joined this.

I need some help regarding CISCO Nac profiler.

I have 3 cisco nac appliances as below.

1. 3355

2. 3315

3. 3315.

My question is that when I power on these devices CAS is pre-configured in it but I have to install profiler, CAS, CAM.

Got 5 hardware total of cisco which are as follows.

1. CISCO NAC 3355.
2. CISCO NAC 3315
3. CISCO NAC 3315.
4. CISCO Router.
5. CISCO Switch.

I have to installed these devices into a network.

But the confusion is that whom to make profiler server, CAM, CAS and Collector.

Please help me on this if you have a simple document describing about NAC profiler server, NAC profiler collector, CAS, CAM and how to configure these devices.

Please help me on this its urgent


Re: Installing and configuring NAC/CAM/CAS/COLLECTOR



As for your questions, you can install the Profiler, CAM and CAS on any of these devices. Which ever device you make the CAS can act as a collector also. I would suggest making the biggest box you have (3355) the Profiler, and putting CAM/CAS on the 3315s.

As for a simple document, I'm afraid no such thing exists. NAC installations are complex by nature and you really have to have a very good idea of what you're looking to accomplish before you even touch the first piece of hardware.



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Re: Installing and configuring NAC/CAM/CAS/COLLECTOR

Thanx Faisal,


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