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Installing CSSPM 2.3.1i

When installing the CSPM product I get to a screen asking for the location of the database key. I have no idea what this is asking. After reading the DOC's, it looks like I enter this data later in the install, AFTER, I go thru all the licensing stuff. My installation never even asks for licensing....go figure

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Re: Installing CSSPM 2.3.1i


If your getting that message it means you are trying to install it on a windows 2000 box which you cannot do for the "server". The server must be installed on Win NT, SP6a, IE5.5. During the install (which you must do in server/client mode) on the correct platform you will be asked if you wish to export the key. Once you get that key you will be able to install CSPM on a W2K box, however the NT box MUST stay in place, the W2K will pull it's information from the NT box.

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Re: Installing CSSPM 2.3.1i

Thanks. I was hoping I could get this to work. Is there a version for Win2K yet??

hate to go backwards in life.................

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Re: Installing CSSPM 2.3.1i

Unfortunately, there is no server support for Win2k, only a client piece, which requires an install on WinNT. There is no planned support for CSPM on Win2K.

You may want to consider IDM, which comes native on the 3.1(x) sensor versions. With IDM you can manage the sensor from a browser and send alarms to IEV, which is an event viewer, which you can install on Win2k.



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