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Inter-VRF Route Filtering

I have two enterprise VRFs (VRF-lite) configured that need to share routes, but I need to filter out each VRF from learning the default route from the other. Does anyone have any working suggestions on how to configure this?

The basic setup is this, I have multiple VRFs between a 6509 and a 6504. These VRFs provide isolated routes out to external BGP peers, we receive a default route from each peer per VRF. Two VRFs at the core need to share routes to avoid sending traffic out to the client routers and then back again. However after setting my route-target statements, One VRF default route overwrites the other VRF default route. I need to filter out the GOLR between the VRFs. I think import or export maps is the way to go but my current tweaking has failed to eliminate just the GOLR.


Re: Inter-VRF Route Filtering

Changing the autonomous system number may be necessary when 2 separate BGP networks are combined under a single autonomous system. This typically occurs when one ISP purchases another ISP. The neighbor local-as command is used initially to configure BGP peers to support 2 local autonomous system numbers to maintain peering between 2 separate BGP networks. This configuration allows the ISP to immediately make the transition without any impact on existing customer configurations


configure terminal

router bgp as-number

address-family {ipv4 | ipv6 | vpnv4| [multicast | unicast | vrf {vrf-name}]}

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