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Interesting Traffic Problem

Just wanted to know if this will work before we set it up.

We have a remote client that needs to setup a site-to-site VPN to us. The problem is that we use 192.168.21.X for our internal network and our client already has a site-to-site VPN setup that uses that address for their interesting traffic for a different VPN. They need us to set it up so that will allow them to send their interesting traffic to a different network than our current one. They asked if they could use one of our public addresses to send traffic to.

My question is this. We are using a PIX. Can we setup a one to one static NAT between one of our public ip's and one of our internal ip's and have the VPN traffic work. I just didnt know if the PIX would allow VPN traffic to come in over the tunnel destined for one of my public ip's and then translate it to my internal ip using the static nat.

If not, is there a different or better solution?


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