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Internal access to web server

I have a customer with a web server on the inside of their network inside of a Pix 515 firewall. In this screwy setup, there is no DNS resolution for this web server--everyone needs to browse to it by ip address. Everyone can reach it internally by internal ip address, but if internal users try to browse to the external address they cannot get to the server. (Through conduits and static mappings, external users can get to the server by browsing to the external address.) How do I set up the pix to allow internal users to browse by using the external ip address (so that they can be given only 1 address instead of an external and an internal address)?



Re: Internal access to web server

if the dns server the clients use is outside of the pix, use the alias command. if it is not, then you might be able to configure the dns server to serve up the internal ip address

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Re: Internal access to web server

There is no DNS for this server. All clients must browse by IP address only, so I'm thinking this is impossible with the Pix.


Re: Internal access to web server

if the outside world can access it by a fully qualified domain name, there is a dns server responsible for it. who hosts that server?

the clients can resolve some hostnames, correct? what server is that?

are the 2 dns servers in question the same server?

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