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Internet access through VPN

I have a PIX terminating remote access VPN connections. I would like to allow Internet access through the VPN connection (I do not want to do split-tunneling). The problem is my default route on the PIX is out the outside interface, and that's where all the VPN traffic comes in. The PIX won't send a packet out the interface it just came in so users connected to the VPN have no Internet access. My original idea was to enable another interface on the PIX, connect it to my outside network, and make it the default route. But I can't put an IP on this interface that's in the same network as the outside interface. Any way around this?

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Re: Internet access through VPN

You could try putting the routes on an internal devices (i.e. layer 3 switch, router) that would send internet traffic from your VPN address pool back to the PIX, but I'd have to try it myself. If you want to try set up another interface then you would probably have to get a new IP address block from your ISP to connect to the extra interface. This may complicate your internal security policies, however.

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