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Internet problem in Isa server connected to Pix

We swapped our main Pix with another Pix having same configurations,version & model, but internet is not working thru ISA server but others are ok. Connection is like this Main Pix inside is connected to 6509 switch,outside is connected to Router,pix is having 2 DMZs one connected to outside of ISA server directly and next interface is for mpls and we are getting internet thru MPLS, upto pix internet is ok.

Ospf is used as routing protocol in Pix,switches & routers.

Internet connection upto pix is fine but through ISA it will not work.

whenever I use the Main Pix internet will work, does ISA server caching the Mac-address?..why this problem...any tools..Please help me


Re: Internet problem in Isa server connected to Pix

Hi .. when you connect the new PIX directly to teh ISA are you sure the interface on the PIX is showing up as UP UP. Are you able to ping that interface from ISA box ..? You might need to allow icmp just for testing. I am just thinking it could be speed mismatch

.. otherwise you might want to try reloading the ISA .. perhaps it caches the PIX MAC some how.

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Re: Internet problem in Isa server connected to Pix

Hi, the pix interfaces were up and speed is in auto...

I have to test it again...maybe ISA caching pix mac address.

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