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Internet traffic over private network

I have a design case where I need some assistance.

My company’s head quarters is in city A. Where a 34Mbps connection to the internet is terminated on a cisco router (CS1). The Addresses used for the internet are say 200.x.x.x

The company is to provide internet using this E3 line to all it’s employees. (i.e. it will act as an ISP)

For employees that live in city A there is no problem b/c their RASs are connected directly to the internet router CS1. So home callers will get a 200.x.x.x address and get directly connected to the internet.

My problem is with users in another city B. Where the company has a regional office and wants to provide internet to the employees living there using the same E3 connection in the head office. This site B is connected with a leased line back to head quartersA. Home users in city B will dial to the RAS in this area and get a 200.x.x.x address to connect through the leased line all the way to HQ and to the internet.

The problem is that on the way it will be using the private company routers that use a 172.x.x.x private address. Because the leased line terminates on business routers in city B not on internet dedicated routers. How can I disallow those internet users from hacking into my private 127.x.x.x network even though they will use it to get from site B to A. And how can I hide the 127.x.x.x network from the 200.x.x.x internet network.

We mainly have Cisco routers all over. Can VPN be utilized here in anyway and if not what could be the best secure solution.


Re: Internet traffic over private network

I would suggest that you deploy a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your resources on the inside network.

This would protect your resources against hackers.

What you would need to do next is to deploy a VPN so that your traffic is protected while it is on the public infrastucture.

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