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Intranet Web - Placement and User Authentication

My manager just announced that our Internal Webserver will be uesd for everyone to enter in some data and that they can enter it it from any Internet IE Browser.

Of couse he didn't talk to the guy who maintains the firewall. (-;

Currently the Web server is behind the firewall and everyone Authenticates with it via NTLM and there is no Access from the outside. Now he wants to have the server accessible to the world, though only allow our people access to enter the data.

Access to just the Web would be fine without a VPN Client, though I need to know how to do the Authentication though the firewall.

If I put the server on the Inside and allow access to port 80, 443, then if the webserver hets hacked, then they have access to all the machines.

What is a IT person to do.. (-;

Any Sugestions welcome!




Re: Intranet Web - Placement and User Authentication

If you have a PIX firewall, put another NIC in it and create a DMZ for this server. This will take some config changes but if the server get's hacked at least your internal network is still secure. Otherwise, you are stuck to either placing the webserver outside of punching holes for ports 80 and 443 with ssome security risks. Probably worth talking to your Cisco SE about. They can put together a good solution for you.

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