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New Member

IOS advance Security

I have purchase cisco 1841 routere with IOS advance security.I am using only IPsec.What is the other feature availabe in this IOS?does it supprot IPS,IDS,Firewalling etc ..Please help me.


Re: IOS advance Security

Ability to Disable Xauth for Static IPsec Peers

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Authentication Proxy Accounting for HTTP

Call Admission Control for IKE

Cisco Easy VPN Remote

CLNS Support for GRE Tunneling of IPv4 and IPv6

Connection-Mode Network Service (CMNS)

Context-Based Access Control (CBAC)

Crypto Conditional Debug Support

DES/3DES/AES VPN Encryption Module (AIM-VPN/BPII)

DF Bit Override Functionality with IPSec Tunnels

Distinguished Name Based Crypto Maps

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Phase 1

Easy VPN Client RSA - Signature Support

Easy VPN Remote

Easy VPN Remote : Multiple Inside Interface Enhancements

Easy VPN Remote Enhancements

Easy VPN Remote Phase 4.1 Enhancements

Easy VPN Remote Web Based Activation

Easy VPN Remote: Local-Address Support

Easy VPN Remote: Manual Tunnel Control Enhancement

Easy VPN Server

EasyVPN Server Enhancements

Email Inspection Engine

Encrypted Pre-shared Key

Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (ESMTP) for IOS Firewall

Firewall ACL Bypass

Firewall Authentication Proxy

Firewall Authentication Proxy for FTP and Telnet Sessions

Firewall Feature Set

Firewall Intrusion Detection System

Firewall N2H2 Support

Firewall Stateful Inspection of ICMP

Firewall Support for SIP

Firewall Support of Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP)

Firewall Support of SSL Encrypted HTTP Authentication Proxy Sign-on

Firewall Websense URL Filtering

Frame Relay Fragmentation with Hardware Compression

Frame Relay SVC Support (DTE)

Frame Relay Tunnel Switching

Granular Protocol Inspection

HTTP Inspection Engine

IDS Support of Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE)

IKE - Initiate Aggressive Mode

IKE Extended Authentication (Xauth)

IKE Mode Configuration

IKE Security Protocol

IKE Shared Secret Using AAA Server

Integrated IS-IS Global Default Metric

Integrated IS-IS Point to Point Adjacency over Broadcast Media

Integrated IS-IS Protocol Shutdown Support Maintaining Configuration Parameters

Intrusion Prevention System

Invalid Special Parameter Index (SPI) Recovery

IP Multilayer Switching (IP MLS)

IP over CLNS tunnel

IPSec and Quality of Service

IPSec Anti-Replay Window: Expanding and Disabling

IPSec Dead Peer Detection (DPD) Periodic Message Option

IPSec MIB Support for Cisco IPSec VPN Management

IPsec NAT Transparency

IPSec Network Security

IPSEC Preferred Peer

IPSec Triple DES Encryption (3DES)

IPSec VPN Accounting

IPSec VPN High Availability Enhancements

IPSec VTI - Virtual Tunnel Interface


IS-IS HMAC-MD5 Authentication

IS-IS Support for IP Route Tags


Large Scale Dialout (LSDO)

MTree crypto data structure optimizations

Multichassis MultiLink PPP (MMP)

NAC - Network Admission Control


NSF Awareness - IS-IS

OER Port and Protocol Based Prefix Learning

OER Support for Cost-Based Optimization and Traceroute Reporting

OER VPN IPsec/GRE Tunnel Optimization

Optimized Edge Routing (OER)

Option to Disable Hardware Crypto Engine Failover to Software Crypto Engine

Port to Application Mapping (PAM)

PPPoE Connection Throttling

PPPoE over VLANs Scaling and PPPoE over VLANs forwarding over PVC

PPPoE Service Selection

PPPoE Session Recovery After Reload


Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM)

Real-time Resolution for IPsec Tunnel Peer

Reliable Static Routing Back-up using Object Tracking

Response Time Reporter (RTR)

Response Time Reporter (RTR) enhancements

SRB - Source-Route bridging

Stack Group Bidding Protocol (SGBP)

Transparent IOS Firewall

Tunnel Endpoint Discovery

Virtual Templates for Protocol Translation

VRF Aware Cisco IOS Firewall

VRF aware IPsec

Wildcard Pre-Shared Key

+ IP SLA + Mobile IP

Re: IOS advance Security

Ishwar, in future you can use the Feature Navigator tool to find out all the features available in an IOS, just by typing the complete IOS file name.

Here is the link -

Hope it helps.


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