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IOS VPN Through ADSL + IP Clear + Policy Routing


This is kinda complicated (to me) so I am going to be talking in simple terms.

1 VPN Tunnel between two IOS boxes

1 IP Clear connection (BT Serivice, terminated in X.21)

We want to route all traffic ( over the VPN tunnel bar two networks, lets say 1.1..x.x / 16 and 2.2.2.x / 24, which we want to send over the IP Clear.

That is pretty easy to setup using Policy based routing :) However there are two problems

1. We need to route traffic over the IP Clear if the ADSL fails

2. We need to route traffic over VPN if the IP Clear fails (again this is fine

with policy based routing, however if the remote end of the IPClear goes down the local serial interface will still be up up )

How would you go about configuring this?

I have been thinking of two GRE tunnels each for the IPClear and the VPN to identify if the links are up or down, but I am having trouble intergrating this into the policy based routing.

As a final note we don't need to run NAT as all traffic is destined for a remote network, no internet access is required at all, so that is one less thing to worry about :)


Re: IOS VPN Through ADSL + IP Clear + Policy Routing

If I were you, I would use router mc. Configuring split tunneling (with GRE for redundancy) is easily done using Router MC. The exact procedure is described at Remember that for GRE, you should have IP Plus feature pack on the IOS.

Alternatively, for information on manually establishing GRE tunnels, please see

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