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IOS web content filtering cannot get trend micro filter

hi, i just wondering how really i can get my router's content filtering connect to server again. previously it was success to get connect to the server, after i doing some changes on my zone-pair firewall then it cannot connect to the trend micro server anymore.

sh ip trm subscription status showing that i successfully connected and registerd

all the installation guide is doing accordingly,then i turn on my debug crypto pli validation and debug ip trm detail, all showing success connection to trendmicro site.

parameter-map type trend-global <param> are pointing to the, my class-map and policy-map didn't have any changes since last success connection.

zone-pair setting also attach with the right policy-map that serve for service-policy urlfilter <name>

overall, after my zone-pair firewall is UP again, then my web content filtering is gone, while registeration is made..

anyone have any idea what really happen?



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Re: IOS web content filtering cannot get trend micro filter

Hi Yongkhang,

I think in order to figure out what is happening, we need to troubleshoot and see the config, data and other show commands.  I'm not sure if you would feel comfortable posting that here.  Therefore, i think its best to open up a case with tac on it so that it can be troubleshot to see why you cant access the trend micro server.

can you let me know what you mean by when you turn on your ZBF, your web content filtering is gone.  Are you saying, when you turn on zbf, the web content filtering is no longer blocking or allowing sites?

have you ran the following debugs?

debug ip urlfilter detail

debug ip urlfilter event

debug ip url filter function-trace

also, what does this show:

show policy-map type inspect zone-pair urlfilter

Are you sure you have the class maps in the proper order since its processed sequentially..



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