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IP Masquerading thru Routers


Is there any way to do IP masquerading in a cisco router. I have a class c network of 8192 nodes. I want my ISP to recognise each request send by any node in my network as requested by only ONE IP. IS this possible?


Ramesh Krishnan

New Member

Re: IP Masquerading thru Routers

Have your IP address to only supply you with a very limited range. If I'm wrong contact my teacher. A year and a half later and 6 months to go go, that sounds like what you need to do. OHHH, something like subnetting with a mask or what. Sounds like a basement to attic network. I don't mean to sound off like that, but I've just been thru a whole day,(after working all day), probing my teacher for this very same thing.Class A=, Class B=, Class C, .These are subnet-masks, DEfault by Class. You want 8192 subnets on your network with valid IP addresss'. No problem! 2 to the 1st power, 2 to the 2 power,ect,ect. Find your wire,range,value. Shopping Walmart did me good. Divided by X = say, or what ever as your starting address. You got it yet. I'm pressed for time, but let me know if you figured it out.

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Re: IP Masquerading thru Routers

yes. Use port address tranlation (PAT) instead of network address translation.

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