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IPMap error in HP OpenView

I know this is not a Cisco product but it is used in conjunction with CSIDS. I'm hoping someone has gone through this before.

Anyway, I just changed my ip address on my Solaris Director to a private address. When I open Openview to check my alarms, I get an error message:

Fatal IPMap Error: Unable to connect to ovtopmd.

Reason: Cannot connect to ("my old ip address, port=2532): Connection timeout.

Where can I edit this information. I've been looking for hours but could not find it. I appreciate any help, thnx

Cisco Employee

Re: IPMap error in HP OpenView

Here is some information that one of our developers wrote up a few years ago for me. It is out of date since this was back when 5.01 was the latest OpenView version. But it may give you a place to start.

If this doesn't help then I recommend contacting HP directly for their assistance.


There are two things you need to do to change the IP address/hostname

information on a machine running HP OpenView:

1) reconfigure the necessary op-sys IP configuration files

2) reconfigure OpenView to use the new IP/hostname information

To reconfigure OpenView with the new IP/hostname information, you must edit

the following files:




$OV_CONF/ovspmd.auth (OpenView 5.0 and higher)

In each of these files, replace the old hostname with the new hostname.

Make absolutely certain that name resolution is working properly in both

the forward and reverse directions (use the "nslookup" command to verify).

Once you have changed the files, bring down all user interface sessions,

then stop the OpenView daemons with "ovstop". Next, run the following


$OV_BIN/xnmsnmpconf -clearCache

Finally, restart the OpenView daemons with "ovstart".

If you don't set up your system correctly, you will get the following

error messages:

ovstart: Can't run on OVW Client

ovw: Cannot open object database: Cannot connect to database

We cannot connect to an ovwdb daemon on the server ,

apparently due to network problems. This could be caused by a problem

with IP routing, a server host that is down, or an unknown server host

name. Contact your administrator for further assistance.

Finally, make sure that you reset your $DISPLAY variable to reflect the

new hostname. If you are using DNS, make sure that the name server

can resolve your name and IP address. If not, when you type "ovw" to bring

up the user interface, the ovw process will start, but Xwindows will not

be able to find the display... Consequently, there will be no windows

displayed on your screen.

Community Member

Re: IPMap error in HP OpenView

Thanks, it did help. All I had to do was run:

./xnmsnmpconf -clearCache

This cleared out the cache info and it picked up my new configuration from the /etc/hosts file. Good job mate!

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