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IPSec error Director->Sensor


I have a problem that I need some help with. We had a sensor configured,

using IPSec. Someone then changed the org id on the sensor without

removing the IPSec config on the director. I think they also turned off IPSec,

because now I get a lot of errors on my console about non-secure traffic

coming from that source, I can't add the sensor back in the director, and there

is nothing about that host when I check the secure communications info

from sysconfig-director.

So... I thought I might have luck deleting any remnants from the director

using the ipsectool, but I get a warning about the NETRANGER variable being

unset when I try to dump the SA info... HELP!!!!

Community Member

Re: IPSec error Director->Sensor

Could you copy and paste the error messages that you're getting to start off with?

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Re: IPSec error Director->Sensor

Just had a similar problem. after a org id change we had to readd sensor to director then redo IPSec keys on sensor and director.

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