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IPSEC GRE on PPP Multipoint T1 connection

I'm currently adding dual point to point T1 connections between two sites, and need to encrypt the traffic across the link. I've thought of a few implementation ideas and need to wiegh the pros and cons. I need to use GRE for my routing protocol.

My first thought was to use ppp multilink for the two circuits and create one tunnel interface, and run ipsec on it. I'm worried about the performance issues that may exist with the multilink, and then adding the in VPN proccesses. I'm using 1760's w/ VPN modules. My other idea sounds less appealing then this.

Has anyone tried this, or have a different thought on this.


Re: IPSEC GRE on PPP Multipoint T1 connection

If you were to ask me, I would suggest an IPSec VPN. To my way of looking at things, it's secure and it's reliability is proven. It is strongly backed up in terms of the support available for the same and given that you are using VPN modules, performance should be pretty good. What I'm not no sure about though is the Bundling part. You need to check up on that.

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