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New Member

IPsec VPN can not resume

I use a PIX firewall make VPN session with remote peer ,

but the internet connection is not stabilization,when internet connection is been resumed, the PIX can not resumed the VPN seesion.

How can I do to make PIX resumed VPN session automaticly


Re: IPsec VPN can not resume

there is no great solution for this in the ipsec standard - normally tunnels do not renegotiate until either the data, or time lifetime expires. you could cut down the time lifetime in your configuration.

what is at the end of the vpn tunnel? another pix?

New Member

Re: IPsec VPN can not resume

the end of the vpn tunnel is PIX or Cisco router

there are many of peers


Re: IPsec VPN can not resume

Hi -

Considered split-tunnelling ?

HTH --


Re: IPsec VPN can not resume

pixen have a proprietary isakmp keepalive command. I am pretty certain that IOS supports it too. You should be able to use that on all ios/pix to ios/pix vpn tunnels. I have never used it, so I cannot offer any real world advice on it.

New Member

Re: IPsec VPN can not resume

I have search Cisco PIX`s commands,the commands is:

crypto ipsec set security-association lifetime seconds [seconds]

but i can't comfirm this command can resolved it.

who have been used this command,can you tell me what is happened.

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