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IPSec vs SSL VPN - running concurrently or using WOW64

Hey all,

We just purchased an 871 and I feel proud to finally say i've setup and have working ipsec vpn (router is the server).

The challenge is, my boss' machine is a 64-bit Vista box - and I have discovered the IPSec client will not install.

My research online and in the forums seems to point to using the AnyConnect VPN Client. This means moving to SSL based.

a) So, to confirm - there is not 64-bit IPsec version in development - nor with there be - to our best knowledge?

b)What about WOW64 - 32-bit emulator with client - any success?

c) Is there a 3rd party solution anyone can think of.

d)If a - c are negative. What do I need to run SSL VPN - do I need to purchase a certificate from an authority? Can I run Ipsec and SSL in paralell until all clients are upgraded?

Any news is good news.



Re: IPSec vs SSL VPN - running concurrently or using WOW64


There are alot of posts in this forum about Vista 64b etc.

Personally to answer your question - I would go with the SSL Any Client option, Cisco appear to be moving into the SSL-VPN direction, compared to the IPSEC Client.

I am not 100% on the 87x range, with SSL & VPN - I am sure it will be licensed based, so check if your license allows SSL VPN.

I have tested Clientless, Thin Client and full Client SSL VPN (ASA/PIX) and find each has pro's and con's. However if you want to provide FULL LAN access via SSL, then the AnyConnect VPN is for you.

The below link will give you an idea on steps moving forward:-


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