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IRE Client and Windows 95/98 login

I am using a 2621 router to terminate VPNs into an internal network. I am using the IRE client (v1.1). I would like to use this client to log into the Windows NT domain. Can this be done? In the Windows dial-up networking I have enable the "Log into Network" feature. When I dial up to the Internet, I get the network login prompt but I get mixed results when logging in. Some times it works (User script runs, and they get mapped drives) other times I just keep getting "Domain Controller Not Found" message no matter how many time they try logging in, even though the IRE client shows a connection. Has anyone gotten this to work properly?

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Re: IRE Client and Windows 95/98 login

I’d suggest delaying the network login and increase the amount of times it attempts before it fails. Be sure you have a valid WINS address in your TCP/IP settings. If the Secondary WINS is blank, add the primary WINS server here again. This delays the network login about 4 additional seconds. If it’s still not enough time or you truly have 2 valid WINS Servers, edit the Windows 98 registry key:


NameSrvQueryCount and bump the value (in milliseconds) from the default of 750 to maybe 1500 or even 2500. Finally, check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\ and add a DWORD value named ExpectedDialupDelay. Set this value to a decimal number (in seconds), 1-6000. Usually 10-20 is good but you might want to be liberal here. Good luck!

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