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is ironport blocking emails with large attachements?

I have recently adjusted my exchange server to accept attachments as large as 25mb but still when I tried to send an email with an attachment of 15mb it still bounce back as 552 552 #5.3.4 message size exceeds limit (state 18).

I was wondering if need to adjust anything on my Ironport to make sure it allows those large emails. If so, I hope somebody could help out on how to do this adjustment.



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Re: is ironport blocking emails with large attachements?

Ironport + Msoft quote figures around 135% inflation for MIME encoding on email.

(This doesnt account here 15*1.37=20.55)

If mail is outbound you might allow bigger size on your outbound Ironport default policy/or individual policy and retain the 25mb on the Inbound. Your Ironport cfg should be in line with the internal exchange limits

You shouldn't expect to get mail bang on 24.99mb


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is ironport blocking emails with large attachements?

I sort out the issue..

In microsoft exchange everything is configured well, to send and receive upto 25 MB. Usermail box permission also set for sending 25 MB attachment.  Evenif I can receive 15 MB attachment, it resulting in error while sending.

This was the error:- #550 5.3.4 SMTPSEND.OverAdvertisedSize; message size exceeds fixed maximum size ##

This message is generated by HUB-CASH server

No clue that email is screening by ironport.


Increase the message size limit in ironport

Mail Policies-> Mail Flow Polices -> Relay -> Max Message Size ->25 M

This relay is used for outgoing emails. (Note that the title for that page is confusing: Mail Flow Policy: RELAY - IncomingMail)

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This worked for me.  Thanks!

This worked for me.  Thanks!

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Thanks Buddy,

Thanks Buddy,

It worked for Me....

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