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Is it possible to do this with PIX 501 ??

Hi, recently I just purchased a PIX501 3des and upgrade to the most recent PIX OS and PDM. I got this for a lab and testing environtment before we are going for a bigger PIX. Well here is the scenario that I like to have. I will hava 2 exchange server (clustered), 1 webserver, 1 chaching server, 1 domain and radius server ( all win2k), and a 2-3 client running xp or win2kpro. Well here is what I really like to do..... I would like to permit everyone (all the client computer) to access everything on the net, this is incluing IRC, audiogalaxy, Bearshare, and other shareware type of programs (dont ask me why, my ceo used all those software at work). Now, I would like to publish the webserver, ftp server, exchange server (smtp, POP3) and OWA. Access to internal network are by VPN connection. Is this anyway possible ?? If I can get all this working, I will be getting the fund to get the bigger PIX with DMZ, but for now this is all I can work with..... If its possible, some tips maybe on how to set it up. I am a CCNA, but I dont recoqnize many of the PIX command (it is like learning something new). Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Is it possible to do this with PIX 501 ??

You would need to have a bit of reading to do.

Here are some link that could help you accomplish what you are after :

This link for access from pc to internet , and internet to your servers.

Here is for vpn: .

Hope it helps.


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Re: Is it possible to do this with PIX 501 ??

You can use VPN client to access the LAN behind the PIX 501 for sure.

Make sure all the applications are all unicast ip traffic. I am not sure about audiogalary. For normally FTP, SMTP POP3 or Webserver, that is belong to normally unicast ip traffic, for sure you can use the IPSEC remote access to access those services.

Here is the link for PIX and unity client 3.x sample config:

Hope above information helps.

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Re: Is it possible to do this with PIX 501 ??

Thank you for the info. I will start my long reading journey today, and hopefully I can get all this to work............

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