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New Member

Is my PIX dead? NOOOOOOO.....

I am in despair.

I have a PIX 515, and I think its dead. Since a bought it used, I worked on it only 5 times.

I put the IOS 6.2 to use it, and everything was going perfectly. Suddenly, it made an error of the type "Watch dog failure".

I had to reboot. (I don't remember if I had already rebooted it since I upgraded the IOS). But it never rebooted.

The PIX boots, the fan word, but the leds don't light up, except if I take out a jumper.

I thought about the PSU (there is a notice on the Cisco web site, but my series number is not there.) I opend my PIX, but while I am not used to it, I produced a spark with the digital multimeters in the PSU.

I tested the PSU. (an electrician says it was working, and the voltage seemed good).

I tested the RAM on a machine made for this task, and it also seemed okay. I put the lithium batttery of my PC in the PIX to test it. It failed... I also tried another CPU, but nothing changed.

What is strange, i that if I put the Hyper-Terminal in 115 000 8-1 material, when it is closing, there are little squares on the console, as if it was sending lots of current. ੿੿੿੿੿੿੿

Even stranger, when the PIX is closed and I plug a USB cable on my PC, the 3 leds light up and stay open... As I reboot the PIX, they close...

Is my PIX dead? Is there something to do with it? I think that Cisco does not offer a support, and that the PIX does not have a value in detached pieces.

Money wasted for my studies...

New Member

Re: Is my PIX dead? NOOOOOOO.....

The following URL has the release notes for 6.2(2). Read over them to see if they help the situation.

You may need to find a reseller in your area that might be able to work on your pix or help you troubleshoot the problem. You could always contact Cisco to see how much it would cost for support.

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