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Is this a Bug, or does anyone had the similar problems?

My network consists in a 2950 switch with 2 vlan's, one to access my corporate network and the other to directly access de internet.

A 802.1q trunk is used to connect with a cisco 1760 router, this one has access to the internet. The traffic of the corporate is encrypted and ends up a VPN connection with a VPN concentrator 3005 and the second network just uses nat for internet access.

The conectivity is OK for both access, but when the users of the remote corporate vlan use SOME links (java links) they don't work.

I tried just conecting one corporate user directly to the router 1760 and configured just the remote access, and all links seems to work fine. This only happens when I enable the interface on the router with 802.1q.

Does anyone know why can this be happening?

Thanks for all your help.


Re: Is this a Bug, or does anyone had the similar problems?

See any access list configured for blocking the java traffic

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