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Joining a domain over a vpn tunnel?


We have a point to point (pix to juniper) VPN connection between to seperate agencencies; Agency "A" (remote 172.x.x.x) and Agency "B" (local - 10.x.x.x). Agency "A" has set up 3 virtual servers on their network which Agency "B" needs access. Agency "B" has requested that the remote servers be joined to our "B" Active Directory Domain through the VPN tunnel.

Has anyone attempted this type of setup before?

Can this be done?

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Re: Joining a domain over a vpn tunnel?

While we have never had servers joining our domain across our lan-to-lan VPN tunnels (we have over 200 tunnels), we join PCs to the domain all the time. Just make certain that DNS is updated on both ends to permit the connectivity and communication to the domain controllers.

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Re: Joining a domain over a vpn tunnel?

I think that's the main problem. There's no dns on the remote side to update, just the (3) servers, they are configured to use our dns servers.

Of course, everything they query resolves to our network.

I'm under the impression they need a domain controller and some sort of trust relationship (but I'm not a windows guy).

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