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Juniper ScreenOS 6.0 support by CS-MARS

Oficially MARS only supports ScreenOS 4.0 and 5.0.

Anybody tested MARS with ScreenOS 6.0?

I'm asking this because I'm starting to configure a solution with 2 levels of firewalls and one of the firewalls is an SSG140 coming with ScreenOS 5.4.0 from factory. Since there is version 6.0 out there I'd like to give it a try but since I'll have a CS-MARS looking at those devices, I don't want to risk it.



Re: Juniper ScreenOS 6.0 support by CS-MARS


FYI- ScreenOS 6.x is not suggested by Juniper at this time. I believe that latest is 5.4.x. I would think that CS-MARS could read version 6 information as not much has changed as far as logging on the Netscreens. It probably isn't supported yet, but probably works 90%. I'll be putting in a couple of Netscreens w/6.0 code (I have to run that version of code) by the end of the month. I'll throw them into MARS and see what happens. I'll try and remember to post my results or email me in a few weeks and I'll let you know.


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Re: Juniper ScreenOS 6.0 support by CS-MARS


about Juniper suggesting version 5.4.x, you are right. I've seen it somewhere. What I don't get is that version 6 is out since middle of last year and it still is not recommended. I guess they're waiting for version 7 to come out so they can recommend this one... ;)

I'll stick to version 5.4.x.

I'll send you an e-mail in the beginning of the next month to know how your project went.


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