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Just to verify my 2.2.2a Director install...

i updated my 2.2.1 to 2.2.2a for my 3.0 sensors...

just to clarify,

when i run nrvers off the director, i get 2.2.1 and [<--only for postofficed and sapd]results...

if i rerun the 2.2.2 install, then i am told 2.2.2 is already installed...<2.2.2a nrConfigure.jar also added>

and finally if in HPOV, i run ABOUT Director, it tells me I am running nrdirmap 2.2.1

Does this make sense???

thanks in advance...

Cisco Employee

Re: Just to verify my 2.2.2a Director install...


Refer to:

NOTE: When you click Help->About you need to be in the nrConfigure window not the OV window.

Community Member

Re: Just to verify my 2.2.2a Director install...

nrvers will show the version as 2.2.1 regardless of 2.2.2, 2.2.2a or 2.2.1 director is installed. The only way to identify the director version is to look at the Help->About from nrConfigure.

The postofficed and sapd would be showing the version as because CSIDD2.2.2 install updates these two components.

Since CSIDD2.2.2 install does not update the nrdirmap of the 2.2.1, HP-OV would still show the version as 2.2.1.

nrConfigure222a is a patch release over 2.2.2 to support IDS3.0 sensor at IDS2.5 level and this patch will not update the VERSIONfile in the Unix director. Hence the /usr/nr/VERSION file would be showing 2.2.2 as the version even after the update of 222a patch.

So while re-running the 2.2.2 install, you will get a message that Unix director 2.2.2 is already installed.

Hope this helps!

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