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L2L Access problem

Good morning all. I am having a problem getting a L2L setup going with a PIX 515 and a 3005 Concentrator.

Now, the VPN tunnel itself is not a problem...that is up and working fine. The problem (I think) lies in the fact that the Concentrator is not the default gateway on that side of the LAN. There is a PIX 506 in the mix here, which that subnet uses as it's gateway.

So, for example, here is an overview of the setup:

LAN 1:

PIX 506 (the gateway) is:

VPN 3005 is:

LAN 2:

PIX 515 (gateway/VPN endpoint):

The tunnel is up and problems. In the 506 PIX, I have a route statement:

route inside 1

From that 506 PIX, I can ping PC's on the .200 subnet.

While on the .1 subnet, if I statically assign my laptop and set the concentrator as my gateway (, I can get to the .200 subnet (remote desktop, telnet, file shares, etc)...which shows that the tunnel is working as expected

I was thinking this may be solved by adding the NAT traversal command to the 506 PIX, but that didn't change anything.

I realize this may be easier to do with the PIX 506 that is the gateway of the .1 network, but that is not possible, as it does not have a "true" outside interface. Outside in this case is 192.168.2.x as there is a load balancer for multiple internet connections on that side.

I thought one of the main selling points of a Concentrator was that it can be "dropped" into an existing network to do VPN, either remote or site-to-site, no?

One caveat: I am also using the 3005 for the Cisco VPN client remote access, which is working great, but will this mess with the L2L?

Please let me know if you need any more information to assist on this.



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Re: L2L Access problem

Hi Mike,

You suspicion is correct. It is because of the default gateway issue. Try to add the static route on all the workstations that you need the access to for L2L tunnel. PIX will not reroute the traffic. It is not designed to do that. Another way of doing that would be to put a router (even if with only one interface), make sure this router is the default gateway on the inside hosts and that the default gateway on the router is the PIX and there is a static route on the router for .200 subnet pointing to the concentrator.



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Re: L2L Access problem

Adding the router did the trick. I think I can make that the default gateway for the subnet as long as I make the default gateway on the router the PIX 506, as you said.

Thank you!


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