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LCP error when VPN to PIX 501 via PPTP!!!


I've configured my pix 501 to allow PPTP connections to it.

vpdn group vpngroup accept dialin pptp

vpdn group vpngroup ppp authentication mschap

vpdn group vpngroup ppp encryption mppe 128 required

vpdn group vpngroup client configuration address local vpnpool

vpdn group vpngroup pptp echo 60

vpdn group vpngroup client authentication local

vpdn username 55hvpnu5er password *********

vpdn enable outside

Now, sometimes when connecting to this PIX via the PPTP vpn connection, I get an error during the "Registering computer on remote network" part of the authentication process...the error is "PPP Link control protocol was terminated". If I just hit the reconnect/connect button a couple of times, it will eventually connect just fine and the VPN stays up...but every so often I get that error I listed above. Any ideas. Thanks


Re: LCP error when VPN to PIX 501 via PPTP!!!

This usually happens when the mismatch of PAP and Chap occurs

between your PC and PIX. Check it out....

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Re: LCP error when VPN to PIX 501 via PPTP!!!

Nope, sorry, not a authentication mismatch. I am already done authentication and "Registering Computer..." message is on screen and then I get an LCP Error. The only auth method allowed is MS-CHAP and MPPE strong required and these match on the client PC. I think it must be a code issue on the PIX and yet it is running the latest and greatest 6.3(1) Thanks though

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