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Limit Port Session on PAT

Dear Expert,

We have 8 Public IP and 4 IP has been use as NAT and 4 IP more for PAT. IP for NAT is working well for 1-1 connection, but IP for PAT, we see all the connection using 1st IP. The rest of IP for PAT still no use. I understand, the PAT can be use for 65535 connection, but is there any method to limit the port session on 1 IP PAT such as 10,000 connec so we can balance between 4 IP for PAT ? Thanks is advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Limit Port Session on PAT

There's no way to do that. PAT addresses will always be used until there's no more available translations, then the 2nd address will be used.

There's not really any advantage to having them load-shared anyway, which is probably why we've never implemented a feature like that. Personally if you continually find that you only use the one PAT address for all your connections (you never get anywhere near 65,000 connections), I would give those unused addresses back to the ISP and save yourself some money.

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Re: Limit Port Session on PAT

Thanks for your info.

I just read about limit TCP/UDP and embryonic session, and interest with the idea. This feature is only limit TCP/UDP and embryonic session for global and interface basis not by IP ? Is it correct ?

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Re: Limit Port Session on PAT

As per books you can map(PAT) upto 64000 hosts but practically it support 4000 hosts only

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