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Link Loss with FO PIX

Hi There,

I got a problem with my PIX515 FO unit when the interface speed and duplex is configured in fixed speed. when configuring the switch's port to where the PIX FO is connected with a speed of 100 Mbps and duplex of full, and configuring the corresponding PIX's interface with the same config as above, I get like 70% loss in the traffic passing through that interface. When i configured the switch's port in auto speed and duplex and the PIX interface in auto mode as well, the traffic flew with no problems. I have the same configuration with the Active PIX and the switch that is connected to it (i.e. the speed and duplex are fixed to 100M and full consequently) but I dont have the same problem!

Did anybody face this problem when setting the speed and duplex or has any clue about the possible cause of this?



New Member

Re: Link Loss with FO PIX

In the early autonegotiation days, nailing speed/duplex was the best way to avoid conflicts. However, newer hardware generally gets it right, but drops back to half-duplex when in doubt. Use autonegotiation unless you run into an insurmountable conflict.

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