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LinkSys and PIX 501

Anybody have an idea how to configure a wireless LinkSys BFSR-41 to a PIX 501 that will have a VPN tunnel to another office with a PIX 515. Can all the clients still use the wireless feature making the connection? I'm thinking: CLIENT (wireless to) > LINKSYS ROUTER > PIX 501 (vpn tunnel) >>>internet<<< PIX 515< CORPORATE LAN. Is this right? There is more than one client behind the LinkSys. Can each client have their own private IP?




Re: LinkSys and PIX 501

The Linksys should have an option to run DHCP so that your users get an IP address directly from it or it should allow you to use static IP's. As long as the Pix is in the same subnet as the users and is connected to the router/AP via the switch ports all the traffic that comes into the wireless side of the router should be sent out toward the PIX provided the gateway is configured on the router correctly. In all essence you are just using the Linksys as a wireless bridge basically to connect to the PIX. You may want to check to see about the conguration of that device for the DHCP and the gateway. Each of your clients can have their own private IP since the PIX should mask these IP's once they go through the firewall.

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