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linux-9 and vms server

I know that this is possibly not a supported way of working but I’d really like to make it work. I guess this question has been asked before but I have just not been able to find the answer.

I have a Linux 9 installation and I am using Netscape 7.02 with he java plug-in 1.4.1_02. Everything loads occurring to plan when I access the VMS server, however when it comes to launching the Security Monitor EventViewer, nothing happens. The page will not load. I have checked the box to “allow pop windows” on the netscape client so that should not be the problem.

Is there anyone on the list that has managed to get this solution working?

New Member

Re: linux-9 and vms server

The event viewer does not work with Java 1.4.x unfortanately. I have to keep switching java versions between 1.3.1 (for IDS) and 1.4 for other apps on my pc all the time. Supposedly this will be supported in the future, but I do not know at what date.

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Re: linux-9 and vms server

Sean, sorry but I don’t totally agree with your answer.

I have installed the VMS 2.2 update-1 patch; I use IE6.0-xpsp2 with java 1.4.1_02 on my windows station for both IDSMC and SecMon 1.2.3


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Re: linux-9 and vms server

Thanks for pointing out the update-1. I did not realize that it was released already.

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